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Trial and Error

Lyra x Bon Bon

Written by: Foxvolt


" You think you can resist me, don't you? Oh, how cute is that? " Lyra whispered, leaning down low, as she gently kissed Bon Bon's forehead.

Bon shivered, and let out an 'Eep!' of fear, as she felt Lyra drag her hooves down her sides, tracing the slim frame, save the shapely flank of hers, that she seemed to love so much.

Bon laid on her back on the bed, and Lyra, her partner, sat on her lower stomach, leaning forward over her.

" Now... What do you say we move on? Or rather... 'Down.' " Lyra said with a devilish grin, leaving one last hot breath to roll off Bon's neck, before pushing herself up, and slipping to her stomach, leaving a tender trail of kisses along the soft surface.

" S- Stop, Lyra, please! " Bon begged, panting harder, pushing her fore hooves against Lyra's forehead gently.

Lyra sat up and tiled her head. " Wait, why? I'm sorry... I thought you were enjoying it... " She said, beginning to get off of her.

Bon grabbed her hoof, and sighed heavily. Feeling the contact, Lyra remained still, confused.

" I WAS. I was just acting, Lyra... Come on, this is like the third time you did this..." She groaned, rubbing her face with her free hoof.

" Well, sorry, It's hard to tell when you're acting! I... I just can't do it this way..." Lyra finally admitted to herself, slipping from Bon's grip, sitting beside her. "Sorry..."

Bon felt somewhat disappointed, this was something she really wanted to try. Glancing up at Lyra, she saw that she was staring blankly at the carpeted floor. 

" Oh, Ly... I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings... I appreciate you trying, you know. " Bon said, sitting up, and nudging her head through the crook of Lyra's arm, resting her head in her lap.

Lyra smiled lightly at her, she looked so cute like that. Maybe that was part of the reason she couldn't bring herself to go against her; She was too cute.

There was silence for another minute, before Bon had an idea. She began to push gently against Lyra with her shoulder. With a bit of prodding, she wordlessly complied, and let Bon push her to the ground, swapping positions.

Lyra smiled lightly, realizing what was happening, and quickly frowned, asking, " What do you think you're doing? "

Bon grinned, seeing Lyra was onboard, and darted forward, assuming Lyra's previous position, only now she was at Lyra's neck, looking up at her sternly.

" This is going to happen, and I'm not letting you stop me this time... You're MINE. " 

Her tone sent shivers down Lyra's spine, and for a moment she swore she could have seen something feral, something primitive in her eyes, it was a burning lust, a passion that was driving her. It was almost scary.

" But... Bon, I- I thought- " Lyra stuttered, and Bon grabbed a section of her neck with in her maw, making out the words, " Can it, if you know what's good for you. "

Lyra's eyes widened slightly, and she gulped, feeling the resistance from the teeth in her throat. " Bon... You're scaring me... "

Bon released her neck, and hovered her front over Lyra's dominantly, keeping her down by sitting on her mid-section. She lowered her nose to Lyra's, and stared her in the eyes. 

They said nothing, and Lyra began to pant slightly, she was so scared, it was almost hot.

Bon's shallow, hot breath rolled off her cheeks, and she felt her coat begin to shiver. Oh Celestia, how good it felt, it was teasing her senses with sensual trickery.

" Who's in charge here? " Bon asked.

Lyra opened her mouth a bit, but found she was still too stunned to answer.

Growing impatient, Bon gave Lyra's right ear a sharp tug, making her wince, and cower down slightly.

" Who's in charge? " Bon repeated.

" Y- You are, Bon- " Bon tugged her ear again, and again Lyra cried out in pain, clenching her eyes shut.

" Mistress, to you, you little... " Bon felt so many words build up in her mind, so many degrading things, but looking down at Lyra's whimpering, cowering form, her heart suddenly sunk. How could she do this to poor Lyra? How low, how cruel was she truly being?

Lyra felt a drop of water pelt against her cheek, and she opened her eyes in surprise. Water? Looking up, Bon smiled back at her, and she saw that it wasn't water, it was her tears.

" Bon... " She whispered, nearly in disbelief.

" Oh, Lyra, I'm so sorry! " Bon collapsed onto her, sobbing into Lyra's shoulder, and wrapping her hooves around her body. " I just can't, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to hurt you... I promise... I'm so sorry... "

Lyra wrapped her hooves around Bon tightly, returning the embrace, beginning to tear up herself. " I know, Bon, I know... We'll try again some other time... "

They laid on the floor for several minutes, cooing reassurances to each other, finding the comfort in each other that only the other could provide. Soon, they laid inert on each other, and rolled onto their sides, pushing their foreheads and noses together, looking up to the other lovingly.

Bon flicked her tongue out, and brushed the end of Lyra's nose with it, giggling slightly.

Lyra smirked, returning the gesture. After a moment, she leaned in, and kissed Bon's neck. And she did it again. And again...

Bon felt the adrenaline beginning to flow, and held Lyra against her tightly, the sensitive touches stimulating her.

Lyra began to trail down to her chest, and felt Bon's hooves fall away to her sides, leaving her to her work. She took a quick nip at a patch of her coat, gently tugging a small bit of skin with it. Bon reacted sharply, her upper spine arching ever so slightly, as she bit her lower lip, smiling in anticipation.

Lyra then resumed her trail of caressing kisses, sharing Bon's smile. She reached her inner thigh, and let her tongue run a circle around it, but never going for the gold.

" Ahh, Lyra, stop teasing me, please! Just get on with it! " Bon began to beg, whimpering in her desperation.

Lyra wouldn't admit it, but she wanted to move on as well, this was getting boring fast. Raising herself for a moment to observe Bon's petals, she licked her lips quickly in anticipation.

' Take it easy... This is for her... For now. ' Lyra thought to herself, before giving the pink slit a long lick up its' length.

Bon groaned lightly, gripping the sheets in one hoof, and biting on the other to stifle any other sounds.

Lyra began a slow, rhythmic pattern; Licking up, backing away, lowering to the sheets, and licking once more. She did this several times, and several times she was reassured by the soft moans of Bon, and more than once the erratic kicking of her back hooves, spasming and convulsing in pleasure.

Going for a seventh pass, Lyra felt something behind her head pushing her deeper. Glancing up, she saw that Bon had extended a hoof, attempting to get Lyra to move on once more.

She returned her attention to the task at hand, and let the hoof push her, until she felt the nub of Bon's love pressing gently against her nose, which resulted in a very drawn-out "Ohh~"

Lyra began to quicken the pace, and pushed her tongue past Bon's folds, spreading them easily.

" L- Lyra! " Bon cried suddenly, leaning forward, and wrapping her hooves around Lyra's head, pushing her against into her groin.

Quickly, Lyra was met with a rush of fluid; Some of it stowing away on her tongue, or into her mouth, and the rest dripping slowly out onto the bed, or her jawline.

She remembered the taste. It was sweet, and a sour after-taste. She had been told that she, herself, had a 'Minty-Fresh' taste, but that seemed a bit far-fetched. The problem with this type of lovemaking, was getting a taste for the juices. It was always a bit sour in the beginning, but like cider, you gradually begin to foster an addiction, and you can't help but lapping up as much of it as you can.

Lyra, having already 'acquired' the taste, began to push her lolling tongue deeper and deeper into Bon's crevice, hoping to clean her of all she was worth. She felt a second hoof grasp her head tightly, pulling gently on her hair, and she continued her work, flicking against the walls of her love quickly, making Bon shudder in delight each time, the sensations carrying her straight through her first orgasm.

Once the flow of juices became too thick for her tongue to get it all, Lyra opened her mouth as wide as she could, and fit most of Bon's slit into her maw, even her small pearl at the top, and began to suckle as hard as she could, the fluids flooding into her mouth as fast as she could swallow.

" L- Lyra!! Oh, Celestia! " Bon began to yell, wrapping her back hooves around Lyra's neck, pushing her as close as possible into her crotch. She leaned up and forward, wrapping her fore hooves even tighter around Lyra's head, and raising her own head to her horn, and in a rush of adrenaline, began to vigorously suck on it, bobbing her head up and down it's now-glowing length, and Lyra began to yell into her tunnel, the vibration finishing her off.

" Umph! " Lyra gasped into Bon's crevice. Her eyes bulged, and rolled back slightly at the abrupt horn-job she was being given, and she re-doubled her efforts on Bon, so she might cum with her.

Bon tried to bring the horn deeper into her, but couldn't at the angle she was at. Instead, she groaned in pleasure, and kept bobbing her head. What was it about horns that made Unicorns so bucking hot? Every bump on it's surface, the radiating magical energy, all the things it can do, and here she was, sucking it like a stallion.

Lyra's horn began to glow white, and Bon's tunnel began to squeeze on her tongue, this was it. Bon began to moan and pant around her horn, her chest rising and falling against Lyra rapidly. Lyra slapped her flank twice in quick succession, their code for ' The end.' If Bon felt it, she didn't respond, and just kept bobbing her sucking. After a moment, Bon began to yell around the horn, and Lyra felt her walls clench on her tongue, and her love juices came rushing out to meet her.

The sweet juices came in thick waves, rushing over her tongue, and straight down her throat. Smiling as well as she could, she remembered just why she loved this kind of love-making, Bon tasted great.

Lyra was still building up as Bon's orgasm came to a close, and she took the horn out of her mouth, much to Lyra's dismay. her mood quickly brightened when she felt Bon's hooves caressing it's length once more.

Bon unwrapped herself from Lyra, and pushed her away, getting on top of her quickly, and lying so her backside was presented to her. She began to viciously eat Lyra out as best as she could, quickly rebuilding her drive. Lyra, being presented with such a view, couldn't deny. She leaned up to begin to lick again, but stopped, sparking an idea. She leaned back, and lined up her horn with her target, and without warning...

" Ah, wha?! Ahhn~ " Bon yelled, wide-eyed, her front flopping paralyzed to the sheets over Lyra. She managed to turn her head behind her, and saw one of the most wildest things she had ever seen; Lyra was fucking her with her horn.

Bon regained some senses after the barrages of pleasure, and decided to follow suit, lining herself up hesitantly, and inching forward, until she heard the 'Schlick!' of her folds spreading around her tongue, and willed herself to work through the onslaught of her own senses working against her, instead focusing on the moist, warm tunnel that she had to clean. She lapped and lapped, greedily taking what che could

Bon, close to her second, and possibly last, orgasm, shoved her tongue as far as it went into her partner, and she felt Lyra freeze. Hoping she hadn't done anything wrong, she turned an eye behind her, and saw Lyra's eyes wide, and her jaw open. 

She inhaled deeply, and then squeezed her eyes shut, screaming Bon's name loudly, suddenly clenching herself around Bon's mouth, cumming in an extremely violent orgasm, her waves of love juices splattering across the sheets, and up the tongue that was still hilted inside of her. She felt herself milking the substitute stallionhood for anything it could be worth, her walls protesting to such an object being inside her.

Bon sighed in relief, knowing she had not hurt her, and stayed in place so Lyra could finish her ride to the very end.

Once she felt Lyra's horn slip from her crevice, and her head hit the pillow behind them, she slowly removed her horn, hearing a soft groan from behind as she did so. Looking back, Lyra smiled dumbly back at her, still riding the afterglow.

Bon crawled up next to her, and stared at her for a few moments, before saying, " I didn't get to the end on that last one, mind helping me out? I still haven't gotten to use our... Toy. "

Lyra laughed, half-coherent, and nodded. Something was ripped from a box, and a bit of plastic tore. Bon had pulled out a black box from beneath the bed, with three large, red X's on it.

Bon looked over to Lyra with a smile, and tore the object from it's casing. With gleaming eyes, she placed it on her forehead, and waited five seconds, like the box instructed. After a few seconds had passed, Bon removed her hoof from her forehead, and shook he head, her mane scrambling down around her face; It wasn't going anywhere.

Reaching up to her head, her hoof brushed something on top of her, and a shock rushed through her body. Bon smiled with glee; She had a fake horn.

A moment later, Lyra looked to Bon, and from nowhere she tasted what seemed like mints overloading her senses. Not bothering to see what was going on, she sucked on the source that had presented itself in her mouth, tasting more and more of it, only driving her further, to fulfill her sudden craving for the taste.

Bon let out a sudden gasp as Lyra sucked her fake horn off, not expecting to get that strong of a reaction. To speed things along, she lowered a hoof to her crotch, and quickly began to prod herself with the end of a hoof, using the other hoof for stability. 

Within mere seconds, she felt her climax already building, and she pushed gently against Lyra's head, pushing even more of her horn into the willing mare's throat. As Bon felt herself go over the edge once more, Lyra began to piece the situation together, and took the entire horn into her throat, sucking deeply on it.

" Oh, Lyra! Yes! Yes! " Bon screamed around her hoof, her body beginning to convulse once more. Then, in a moment of unthinkable pleasure, she went over the edge, chomping down hard on her hoof, screaming, and spilling juices around her other hoof, puddling it on the bed.

The only thing Lyra could bring herself to think through her hazy mind was, ' Buck, we're gonna have to wash the sheets... ' And then, ' I hate washing the sheets... '

Bon finally let her hoof drop, and withdrew her horn from an equally-spent Lyra, throwing herself across her mid-section.

They didn't speak, they didn't move. They simply sat there, listening to the other's rapid breathing, feeling their heartbeat racing, their adrenaline still pumping. 

Before long, Lyra muttered something inaudible into the pillow.

" ...Huh? " Bon asked, raising her head.

Lyre turned her head to face her, smiling, and said, " We've gotta do that more often... "

They laughed together, and collapsed onto the soft covers, happy as they could ever be, with each other by their sides.

-- The next day --

Bon felt air rushing by her ears, and suddenly found herself on the ground beside the bed. Looking up, she saw Lyra's front side hanging up-side-down off the bed, mouth wide open, and a hoof dangling lazily after it. 

" Oww... " She muttered, rubbing her rump tenderly.

Lyra's ears perked slightly, and she opened an eye, muttering, " Extra croutons, please... "

They stared at each other for a moment, then Lyra pointed at her, saying, " Why are you on the ceiling...? " She felt herself slipping off the bed. Looking up at herself, she managed to mutter, " Oh bu- " Before she fell off, and landed head-over-hooves on the ground beside Bon.

Bon laughed loudly at her, and she only groaned in annoyance, muttering, " 5 Minutes... " 

Lyra grabbed through the air until finding the blanket, and she tugged it quickly, and it flew over her head, covering her.

" Aah! Eww! Eww! " She yelled, suddenly throwing the blanket off of her, shaking wildly.

" What?! What?? " Bon yelled, trying to calm her.

" Sticky sticky sticky!! It's all over me! It was on the- When I- It just- Ewww! " She yelled, abandoning sentences, the slop dripping in her mane.

Bon saw what she meant. Their almost-dry juices were coating her back and mane thickly, and it was almost hysterical. In fact, she found herself rolling on the ground in hysterics.

Lyra ran into the next room, and a shower was heard being turned on.

Gathering herself, Bon wiped a tear from her eye, still chuckling, and picked the blanket up, taking it with her to the laundry room.


End Trial and Error.

Written by Foxvolt

I hope you enjoyed, this was a pairing I've been meaning to get done, and I'm going to focus on finishing my Big Mac x Applejack Clopfic next, seeing I ditched it to do this one :3

Keep an eye out for it, Like the story (Fimfiction,) And +Fav please ^-^ ( D.A. and FimFiction )

MATURE CONTENT, EVERYPONY. Get the fillies out of here.

Well, #8 is here, enjoy.

- P.S. -

Props to whomever made the Vector/Preview image of Lyra/Bon on the bench :3

( Made my life a lot easier. )
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